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You loved our Girls Favorite Doll Dip Powder Collection so much, we just had to bring you some matching Gel Polishes! 


Simply Plastic (Gel)- A hot pink jelly gel polish that builds up beautifully! Use 1-3 coats depending on your desired opacity! (Requires a UV/LED light to cure.)

So Fantastic (Gel)- A stunning glitter gel polish packed with purple and holographic sparkles! (Requires a UV/LED light to cure.)

Dream House (Gel)- This stunning hot pink gel polish has silver and purple sparkles! (Requires a UV/Led light to cure.)

Oh Ken (Gel) (Thermal + Glow)- A sparkly thermal gel polish that has beautiful hints of magenta glitter! This color is a beautiful milky white when warm and a gorgeous rosy pink when cold! (Requires a UV/LED light to cure.)

This is Peppi Gel's new Gel polish. Our gel when applied correctly should last 2-3 weeks. It is Vegan and cruelty-free. It is a great way to help with the strength of your natural nails. You do need to cure it with UV light to cure. The benefits of our gel are below. 

  • 1 coat is needed (2 if you desire more coverage).
  • If you have Dip Flu allergies this is a great product to use
  • Very low odor
  • Beautiful streak-free finish

Other items we recommend purchasing from the Peppi Gel line are:
  • Base Gel
  • No Wipe Topcoat
  • Peppi Gel LED/UV Light

How to Apply Gel:
  1. Prep your nails as usual - push back cuticles, buff shine off the surface of your nail, and shape your free edge.
  2. Cleanse the nail plate with rubbing alcohol using a lint-free pad to remove all dust residue
  3. Apply a thin coat of Base Gel over your entire nail, capping your free edge. Cure for 60 seconds in an LED lamp or 2 minutes in a UV lamp.
  4. Apply a thin layer of your gel color, keeping your application even, and cap your free edge. Cure for 60 seconds for LED lamps, or 2 minutes for UV.
  5. Repeat the color application until desired opacity is reached.
  6. Top coat your manicure using any of our 3 top coats: Diamond Gel Topcoat, No-Wipe Topcoat, or Matte Top Coat… Cure for 60 seconds for LED, or 2 minutes for UV.
  7. Apply cuticle oil to help ensure a long-lasting manicure!


  • Apply cuticle oil every day to keep your nails and cuticles happy and hydrated - you’ll be surprised at how much this will help your manicure last!
  • *optional* for added strength or to build an apex, apply 2-4 layers of clear dip powder using your preferred method of application - dip liquids, or gel method.