Shipping policy

Due to our high standards of sanitation, we can not accept returns or exchanges on any OPEN products.

What if it gets lost or stolen? 
Once your package is in the care of the USPS, we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages. In a perfect world - we would have ultimate control over the US Postal System - but we are a very small business and are at the mercy of their mistakes - we also can’t be held responsible for a neighbor’s sticky fingers. If you think you have such neighbors - consider sending your package to a friend or to your work address. If your package is returned due to incorrect information supplied to us, we will not refund shipping costs. Your order can be reshipped at buyer’s expense or the order can be refunded minus shipping costs. We do provide proof of shipment with the tracking link so you can follow it along its journey.

What if my package says it was delivered and I don’t have it? 
In the event that the USPS states that your package has been delivered to you yet you did not receive it, you must contact your local post office within 24 hours of said delivery.

Please understand that we cannot refund you for a package that shows it was delivered to you according to tracking. It is your responsibility to follow up to locate your package. We will do everything in our power to help you with the recovery process but ultimately it is your responsibility to follow through with your local post office first for the recovery of the missing package.