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Barbie - Peppi Gel
Barbie - Peppi Gel
Barbie - Peppi Gel



This magenta color is full of lighter and darker pink glitters. Like a pink disco ball!

Manicure By- Rebecca Alicea



  • Net quantity 1OZ / 28g
  • Allows for approximately 30 manicures
  • Perfect for natural nails or nails with tips
  • A manicure that can last up to 5 weeks
  • Made in the USA 



Our products are Vegan, without any animal or animal-derived ingredients. Our powders are enriched with minerals and vitamins. Peppi Gel is proud to be 10 FREE.


This picture was taken in natural light. When applied, the color may appear slightly different in person due to different lighting, layers applied, use of Matte Top Coat, and more...
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Barbie - Peppi Gel
Barbie - Peppi Gel
Barbie - Peppi Gel

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