Peel-Off Latex - Peppi Gel
Peel-Off Latex - Peppi Gel
Peel-Off Latex - Peppi Gel

Peel-Off Latex

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This product is used as a barrier around your cuticles and the sides of your nail to create a cleaner manicure. It can be used to achieve a multitude of designs or just keep dip powder away from your cuticles without the messy clean up. Do not shake this product. This will create bubbles and make it harder to use. If the peel needs to be mixed gently roll the bottle on a flat surface.

1= .05oz Bottle Green Latex Peel


Step 1; After nail prep, before your first dip, apply a thick layer of cuticle peel around your cuticle and edges of your nail. Try to get as close to the nail as possible without painting your nail. If you get it on your nail you can wait for it to dry, rub it off and repeat step 1.

Step 2: Allow the latex to dry completely on your skin about (3-5 minutes). You can use heat to speed up this process.

Step 3: For best results do one nail at a time. After the latex is completely dry, proceed with your step 1 and dip powder. Immediately after you are done dipping, while the powder is still wet, use tweezers to slowly pull off the latex.

Pro Tip*Touch up any rough edges with the side of the tweezers or a wooden cuticle pusher before curing.

Step 4: Use step 2 to cure, and finish as desired.

Step 5: repeat process 2 through 4 until complete and enjoy!