1.  Sanitize hands.
  2.  To begin, select the desired color(s) of powders, the liquids for steps 1-3, the    brush softener, nail buffer, and cuticle oil.
  3.  Cut nails, file and shape to your desire. Then remove shine from nails by lightly  buffing the nails and dusting them off.
  4.  Open desired color(s) powder and loosen powder with small stir stick              
  5.  Apply liquid #1 (Probase/ Ready) to first finger and then dip into powder. Dip the  finger into the loose powder slowly and then tap the excess powder off of the nail.  ** Be careful to not tap the powder jar as it could spill.
  6.  Repeat this process for each nail and continuing with a second coat and third  coat if desired. (In between each layer use an old makeup brush to wipe off  excess  powder, this will keep your #1 bottle nice)
  7.  Apply a decent coat of liquid #2 (Activator/ Set) on all 10 fingers. Allow to dry 1-2    minutes. 
  8.  Once dry use a buffer generously to smooth out nails and file if necessary to  smooth out edges. You may also use this time do any additional drilling preferred.  Brush off dust from buffing. 
  9.  Apply another coat of liquid #2 (Activator/ Set) to both hands. Let dry 2-3 minutes.  Wipe fingers gently with a paper towel. 
  10.  Apply first coat of liquid #4 (Finish Gel/ Shine) to both hands quickly with 2-3  strokes. Wipe brush on paper towel in between each finger to prevent stiffness.
  11.  Continue on to second coat taking your time for a beautiful finish.
  12.  After nails have dried for 2-3 minutes apply cuticle oil for moisture.