Questions & Answers

​Q:  Why is my Finish Gel taking a long time to dry or not drying with a shiny finish?
A: After the second coat of activator is applied, let it dry for 2 minutes exactly before you apply the first coat of finish gel. The first coat of #3 is to be applied thin and fast. The second coat is to be applied right away moving at a steady swift pace. This is BEST done one hand at a time.

Q:  Why does my Finish Gel have dull streak marks on the surface? 
A:   The matte streak marks are from applying the finish gel outside of the recommended timeframe after the #2 is applied or the first coat of Finish Gel too slowly. 

Q:  Why does my Finish Gel look like it contains a film rather than a normal shine? 
A: Make sure the activator is completely dry before applying the Finish Gel.  If you do all 5 fingers at once, it should be dry by the time you finish all the fingers on one hand.  Applying Finish Gel before the Activator is dry will cause it to lack shine. 

Q:  How do I remove Dip Powder? 
A:  Just use 100% acetone. Here is a link to the quickest removal method. The other options to use that take more time but give less acetone contact are to use the Peppi Removers listed on the website.

Q:  The lid on my Probase or Finish Gel is stuck, what happened?
A:  Probase and Finish Gel are strong adhesives. You will need to be careful to NOT get any product on the neck of the bottle. Doing so will can seal the lid shut making it very hard to open. The neck and rim will need to be cleaned thoroughly with acetone, WITHOUT dripping any acetone into the bottle. This should ideally be done after each use. After it is cleaned, you may use a cuticle oil or vaseline to rub a small amount on the bottle neck helping it to open easier on the next use (also avoid dripping any into the bottles) 

NEVER use warm water to “loosen” the lid. The bottles are light & temperature sensitive. Both can have a negative impact on your #1 and #3 liquids, especially the warmth/heat. NEVER use pliers to open a bottle. NEVER soak the bottle lid in acetone. NEVER bang the bottle on anything to "loosen" the lid. 

Q:  My Dip Powder is lasting so long that my nails have grown in – can I fill or do need to remove and re-apply?
A:  Typically, you can refill a pink and white French manicure, we recommend removing one color applications for better results.  If you want to do a refill, you can do the following: Lightly file a thin layer of the old dip powder, remove all dust particles. Then apply Probase on entire nail, dip into white powder first, then dip into pink powder.  If you want to refill one-color application, you would just dip the entire nail into the color powder.  If you want to thicker nail, you can apply Probase and dip into powder again. Apply activator. File nails. Then apply activator again. Wait for 2 minutes to dry.  Apply two coats of Finish Gel.

Q:  I am experiencing Lifting, what’s happening?
A:  If you are experiencing lifting there are usually 2 possible causes:
When you apply the first layer of the Activator, this is what actually cures the powder and makes it adhere to the nail.  You might need to use more of the #3 Activator and also apply this to the front of the nail too (capping the front edges).  If the front edges are not capped, this could be a source for lifting. Ensure you apply Activator on all the edges, you can get Activator on the skin, it will not damage the skin.  
The second possible cause is that when you apply the first layer of Finish Gel, you need to do this in 2-3 quick strokes, you don't need to get close to the cuticle area for the first layer, start from the cuticle area and brush quickly from the cuticle area to the tip of the nail.  When you are applying the second coat of Finish Gel, you can do it slower and more carefully by getting close to the cuticle area and also the front edge of the nails. It is important to always apply Activator and Finish Gel to the front edge of the nails to avoid lifting from the front edge.

Q:  My Finish Gel is getting thick, what’s happening?
A:  The reason your Finish Gel is getting thick is because you are not allowing Activator to dry long enough before applying Finish Gel. If the Activator gets on the brush, then you put it in Finish Gel bottle, it can cause this to happen. To prevent this, ALWAYS wipe nails with a paper towel before applying step #3, and AlWAYS wipe your step #3 brush on a PLAIN paper towel (no designs) after each nail is painted before dipping the brush back into the bottle. 

Q: Why do I feel congested after doing my nails?

A: If you are feeling congested, you could be reacting to the one of the liquids or powder. We suggest to always wear a mask, keep the #1 and #3 bottles out from directly under your nose, and always do your nails in a very well ventilated space. If these steps of precaution do not work for you, stop use immediately. 

Return/Refund Policy:

Due to our high standards of sanitation, we will not accept returns or exchanges on any open products or products damaged by customer negligence.


What if it gets lost or stolen?
Once your package is in the care of the USPS, we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages. In a perfect world - we would have ultimate control over the US Postal System - but we are a very small business and are at the mercy of their mistakes - we also can’t be held responsible for a neighbor’s sticky fingers. If you think you have such neighbors - consider sending your package to a friend or to your work address. If your package is returned due to incorrect information supplied to us, we will not refund shipping costs. Your order can be reshipped at buyer’s expense or the order can be refunded minus shipping costs. We do provide proof of shipment with the tracking link and insurance so you can follow it along its journey.

What if my package says it was delivered and I don’t have it?

In the event that the USPS states that your package has been delivered to you yet you did not receive it, you must contact your local post office within 24 hours of said delivery.

Please understand that we cannot refund you for a package that shows it was delivered to you according to tracking. It is your responsibility to follow up to locate your package. We will do everything in our power to help you with the recovery process but ultimately it is your responsibility to follow through with your local post office first for the recovery of the missing package.