How to avoid the most common mistakes:

1. BOTTLE CARE: This is the MOST important thing you can learn right away. It's crucial for you to understand how the Peppi Gel system works before you even begin.

  • Your #2 (Set) is the CURING agent of your whole entire Peppi Gel system. It's job is to cure both the #1 (Ready) and the #3 (Shine) no matter what surface it's on (your nails, the bottle brushes, etc....). Proper application and bottle care methods will prevent the most common mistakes that lead to a hardened application brush or worse an entire goopy/solidified bottle of #1 or #3.
  • Your #1 (Ready) and #3 (Shine) are like adhesives. If these liquids touch the top of the bottle rim or sides of the bottle neck, they will essentially get glued shut. Use your INSIDE brush wiper to prevent this from happening.

2. NAIL PREP: Like building a house, if the foundation isn't set it won't stand up. Order of nail prep 100% MATTERS

  • Begin with washing your hands with an oil free soap (we highly recommend using the original Blue Dawn dish soap to remove oils from your nail beds).
  • Dry them off.
  • Push your cuticles back (be sure to get the invisible cuticle off of your nail beds). DO NOT USE a cuticle removing aid, they are very oil and cause lifting.
  • Cut, file and shape your nails.
  • Swipe acetone across the nail beds to dry them out.
  • Lightly buff the nails (don't over do it as you can thin your nail beds) to give them texture for Peppi Gel to adhere properly.
  • If you do not need to do all of this (which you more than likely do) wait at least 10-15 minutes before starting your application after you wash your hands. Nails are porous and hold moisture. If they aren't thoroughly dried, you will get lifting.

3. HOW TO APPLY CHUNKY GLITTER: One of the funnest things is playing with all of the colors, glitters and textures of Peppi Gel's dip powder system. Working with the heavier glitters can be a bit tricky, but this one trick will help you become a glitter master.

4. HOW TO REMOVE PEPPI GEL:  Peppi Gel is actually super easy to remove. We offer a soaker bowl to make this process simple for you and eliminate waste. However, checkout out the video below. While using this method here, just take notes, our soaker bowl works exactly the same!

5. APPLICATION: Yes, it's true, it takes some practice! But, that is okay! Let us help you master the technique, and you'll wonder why you waited so long to try Peppi Gel! 

  • Good lighting is incredibly helpful.
  • Patience and not rushing through your application will show in the end.
  • Applying THIN layers of #1 (Ready) is important. The less liquid you apply the less powder it will absorb giving you a beautiful natural finish. You will have more control over your liquid and where it goes on your nails.
  • Make sure to stir the powder. The looser it is, the better it lays on your nails.

6. HOW TO APPLY #3 (SHINE): This last step seems to be the trickiest for some users. But don't worry, we got you! How to get your maximum SHINE!

  • When you apply your #2 (Set) for the last time, make sure to use just enough to cover the nails. You don't need to apply it heavily. You need just enough that can absorb into your Peppicure within 2 minutes time.
  • Your first layer of #3 (Shine) should be done in 2-3 quick brush strokes. You don't want to overlap these strokes if possible.
  • The second layer should still have quick strokes, but you can slow it down here just a notch.
  • Make sure to wipe your brush on a different spot of a paper towel after touching your nails before dipping it back into your bottle. The goal here is to eliminate any #2 (Set) residue from transferring into your bottle- remember the #2 is what solidifies your #1 (Ready) and #3 (Shine).