No-Wipe Gel Top Coat

Prep as usual - push back cuticles, lightly buff shine off nail plate, and file nail to desired shape. Remove any dust by wiping with an alcohol wipe or acetone.
Dip Powder option:

              1.           Apply thin layer of base gel over entire nail, cure fully (60 seconds LED or 2 minutes UV)
              2.           Cured gel will be tacky - avoid touching this sticky layer as dirt and oils can affect how well additional layers adhere!
              3.           Apply another thin layer of base gel evenly over your entire nail bed.
              4.           Before curing, gently dip nail into chrome powder (or lightly lay nail down flat into powder). Use an orange stick or toothpick to clean up around your cuticles, and then cure fully in the lamp.
              5.           After curing, use a stiff brush to dust off extra powder.
              6.           Repeat gel base-powder-cure-dust off until desired coverage is reached.
              7.           If needed, lightly file free edge. If you keep your gel base liquid application thin and even, you should not have any buffing or filing to do on the surface of your nail. Having a slightly rough surface will help your final gel layers stay put!
              8.           To finish manicure, apply a final layer of base gel - without adding any powder - and fully cure.
              9.           Apply thin layer of gel top coat, and fully cure (60 seconds LED or 2 minutes UV).
              10.        For top coats that have a sticky layer: Use Isopropyl Alcohol or Gel Nail Cleanser to wipe away any sticky layer after curing.
Chrome Option:

              1.           Apply base color following steps 1-8 of the gel method listed above (alternately: use regular dip liquids to apply a base color, activate, and shape nail. Apply a layer of base gel over dip manicure and cure fully)
              2.           Using your Peppi No Wipe Top Coat, paint an even layer over your cured base coat, being sure to allow your liquid to level out as much as possible, then cure for 45-60 seconds.
              3.           Dip your nail into the chrome powder, and using your finger or a makeup sponge, rub the powder into the cured top coat.
              4.           Use a soft brush to dust off extra chrome powder.
              5.           Encapsulate your chrome in another layer of top coat (you may apply an additional layer of chrome if more coverage is needed), fully cure for 60 seconds.
              6.           Enjoy your mirror-finish chrome nails!