About Us

Have you met the Peppi Girls? Tiffany & Meggie are the faces behind Peppi Gel. The brand’s founders are the creators, designers and educators for the company and are leading nail technology influencers.

The story of Peppi Gel goes beyond two girls who were introduced through each others husbands. They became friends quickly while sharing the same passion for travel and all things fun. Tiffany & Meggie both have an entrepreneurial background coming together to bring you Peppi Gel.

Peppi Gel was built while both Tiffany & Meggie maintained other work force adventures. Tiffany was a full time Realtor and Meggie a full time insurance agent. This left us both working long days and late nights, to eventually see our passion grow while we shared with the world our dip powders. We can’t take all the credit though. Our husbands (Jackie & Jason) gave us the support we needed by standing by our sides daily working with us while the vision became a reality.

Tiffany became full time Peppi Gel within 6 months and Meggie after 2 years. This was a HUGE leap of faith for us, as Peppi Gel did not have enough income to afford a salary until after 2 years into operations. Until this day, we put back into our company as much as we possibly can to continue providing you the best quality of products. We continue working with the beauty industries leading chemists to bring you the #1 at home dip powder system.

We eventually went from working out of our homes into a small warehouse facility in Manassas, and into a second larger facility where we currently reside in Bristow, VA.

Fast forward several years later to today; as Peppi Gel continues to grow we are home to several employees. We welcome new Peppi Babes daily, to our Tips and Tricks Facebook group (one of the kindest groups you’ll ever be a part of). Tiffany & Meggie are the most hands on business owners you’ll ever come across. We interact daily and personally with everyone in the Facebook group and customer service, on top of all of the other day to day tasks involved with Peppi Gel.

Our long term goals are to continue providing at home dip powder systems, while keeping it as a clean and healthier alternative to gels and traditional acrylics. We promise to continue educating our customers on the use of dip powder so your manicures are as flawless as you dream.

Tiffany currently hosts one Facebook live a week, showing the best application process and tips while using Peppi Gel, not just for pretty “painted nails”, but for nail safety and nail health.

Peppi Gel dip powder is proudly free of the 9 harshest chemicals found in beauty products, vegan (cruelty free), contains added vitamin E and calcium and of course USA made.

We plan to continue the growth of our company using the family values we were raised on: honesty, kindness, hard work and always putting our Peppi Babes first.