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Peel Base

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1= .05oz liquid bottle

Peel Base

Peel base makes it easier to remove dip powder manicures with less damage to your natural nails. It can also be used to shorten the wear of your dip if you change your manicures frequently. Wear time may vary, and users should experiment with painting a portion of the nail, the whole nail, or using multiple coats to discover what works best for you. The Peel base should go directly under the layer you want to later remove, it can be placed above or under the tips. For best results avoid painting your cuticles.


Peel Base Application

Step 1: Prep your nails as usual, for more information please see our nail prep tutorial.

Step 2: Apply a thin and even layer of peel base directly to the nail or over your tips. Wait for the peel base to dry completely. (Between 3-5 minutes). Repeat this step as desired.

Pro Tip* First time user? For easier removal, we suggest starting with a strip of peel base down the center of the nail. For immediate removal or short-term wear, we recommend 1 full coat of peel base across the entire nail.

Step 3: Once dry, you can proceed with your normal dip powder manicure!

Peel Base Removal

Step 1: File around the edges and sides of your manicure.

Step 2: Use a wooden cuticle pusher to gently push around all edges of your nail. If there is a lifted edge use the pusher to lift the manicure and pop off the dip powder. If it does not lift easily or if there is no lifted edge, you may need to file more around the edges of your nails. Repeat this process for each nail.

Pro Tip*Nail bed chemistry varies per user, if the manicure will not pop off proceed with your normal dip powder removal process. Next time experiment by adding more peel base to your nail.

Step 3: Buff out any rough spots and moisturize your cuticles. You are now ready for your next manicure!