Club Peppi

Peppibox Got a major upgrade! 🥳

Club Peppi Box Design-1.png__PID:499068e8-fb99-4b7c-a233-76792ba26119

Introducing... CLUB PEPPI! 🎉

PeppiBox is now officially called 'Club Peppi' 😁 

If you're already subscribed to PeppiBox, CONGRATS - you're now a Club Peppi Member! 😉


✨ 4 Exclusive Dip Powders instead of 3! (Solid, Glitter, Specialty and Mystery)
✨ Access to the New Private Facebook Group for Members ONLY!
✨ Special Club Peppi Challenges with PRIZES!

You'll also get the same perks like Free Shipping on all orders, along with the classic goodies you know and love!

(full details of what's included below!)

How it works

Sign up for the CluB!

Step into a world of excitement and creativity with Club Peppi! Whether you're brand new to Dip Powder or a seasoned vet, this is the place for you! Our goal is to become THE Dip Powder HQ where we encourage creativity and inspire your inner artist!

Monthly Box of Goodies!

Dive into a monthly box filled with four vibrant dip powders, Peppi Challenge cards, curated accessories, and delightful extras!

CLUB PEPPI Challenge Community!

You'll also be invited to join our Club Peppi Facebook Group - exclusive to Members Only! With extra giveaways, challenges, LIVE videos and MORE!

What's Included?

🎁 A box of goodies

✨ 4 Exclusive Dip Powders (Solid, Glitter, Specialty and Mystery)
✨ 3 Curated Mystery Gifts
✨ 3 Peppi Challenge Cards
✨ PLUS - extras like Undipped Swatches, Stickers and More!


All active Club Peppi members will have their very own shipping method at checkout called PeppiShip!

When you select PeppiShip, you get FREE Shipping on each and every order! 😎


Join our exciting Challenges for a chance to win Peppi Prize Packs! We encourage everyone to participate, regardless of skill level, as all entries have a chance to win!

SO much more to come but we can't spill all of the tea quite yet, stay tuned! 😉

Club Peppi subscription

Monthly Plan


First payment $14.98, then $29.95 every month

Per shipment | Billed monthly

  • Recurring Monthly Plan
  • Four (4) Exclusive Shades
  • Mystery Gifts
  • All-Access Perks! (Private Facebook Community)
  • Challenge Cards and more (with prizes to match!
  • Free Shipping on all Peppi Gel orders using PeppiShip!
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First payment $14.98, then $29.95 every month. Billed on the 12th of each month.

$29.95 billed today. Billed on the 12th of each month.

Annual Plan


Per shipment | Billed annually

  • Recurring Annual Plan
  • Three (3) Exclusive Shades
  • Mystery Gifts, Accessories, and Nail Art
  • Access to exclusive challenges and giveaways
  • Free Shipping on all Peppi Gel orders using PeppiShip!
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12 months prepaid, $299.50 billed today & not refundable

What you need to know!