How To Do French Tips With Dip Powder: Peppi Gel

Written By Bold Commerce Collaborator - April 18 2018


Lezli Harris
June 20 2018

I have been trying to figure out what company I’m going to go with when buying my first starter kit. While looking through your products and colors I attempted to put things on my wish list (yes I am made an account, I really like what I see so far) but I continue to get the 404 error. Am I doing something wrong? TYIA

Stacey White
June 20 2018

I would love to be a peppigel promoter. Do you offer an opportumity for people to buy in to your company and sell it for you?

Sydny Bryan
May 07 2018

with the accent stamp nail- did you do 2 dips clear, then stamp, top with #3?

The stamp doesn’t chip off with no powder dip on top?

Ann wampler
May 07 2018

New to the product…love the videos…excited to try it, esp. the French nails!

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